malicrecog tutorial

you can recognize your face only forrow 3 step

  1. malicsampling
  2. malicfacesampling
  3. malicrecog

  1. malicsampling

    malic sampling use for sampling each face parts (like nose, eyes, etc...) data.


    $ malicsampling


    Command type as forrow

    $ malicsampling

    1. start up malicsampling
    2. click image display (left or right click) and
      correct arbitorary face parts point by left click.
    3. click right upper scroll window of face parts button,after idicator on
    4. if all parts you want set, click "Enter" button
      (that's locate bottom of right upper scroll window)
    5. right click image display to restart video sequence and return to 1
    6. all of the data corrected click save button (that's locate reight lower scroll window)
  2. malicfacesampling

  3. malicfacesampling is sampling facegraph data and set those name.


    $ malicfacesampling -j faceparts_jet.xml


    e.g command type as forrow (if you save face parts data save to default gaborrg_jet.xml at malicsampling).

    $ malicfacesampling -j gaborrg_jet.xml

    1. start up malicfacesampling
    2. mark your face parts correct position automaticaly, click "start and stop" button
    3. input your name "name entry" form
    4. click Enter button
    5. try 2~4 sevlal times
    6. click "save" buttun for buffering data save
    7. exit
  4. malicrecog

  5. Synopsys

    $ malicrecog -j faceparts_jet.xml -f face_jet.xml


    e.g command type as forrow(if you save face data to dafault face_jet.xml at malicfacesampling)

    $ malicrecog -j gaborrg_jet.xml -f face_jet.xml

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